Our forecast module, the Demand Forecast Engine (DFE), provides precise sales projections by using complex mathematical algorithms, which are automatically optimized at run-time for the finest granularity of the data. All relevant events are always implemented in their actual occurrence.

We automatically integrate external factors like weather, calendrical global and local events (e.g. holidays, sports events, etc.) into the models of the DFE, so that you don’t have to take care of it yourself.

By that, you get precise daily and even hourly forecasts in real-time making night-time batch calculations obsolete.

Our software is developed to be platform independent and user-oriented in order to satisfy the high demands of the management. Consequently, you get information availability for every management group on the preferred mobile end device or PC.

  • On the basis of actual and historical data the top management can execute highly aggregate evaluations as well as analyses through to the transaction level and distribute these reports according to standardized procedures.
  • The store managers may especially focus on the overview of historical sales peaks and weather information, suggestions for the stocking of the shelves and order recommendations in real-time as well as intuitive and easy to use order adjustments. At this point, we always strive to optimize our mobile applications with regard to the daily handling in the local stores.

With the help of location specific evaluations and integrated data navigation patterns intuitively become visible across large time frames. These evaluations allow spatiotemporal, dynamic, geographic arrangements and local visualizations on different aggregation levels. Holistic data navigation from national to local evaluations on the smallest and product based units leads to an ongoing flow of information on all management levels.





All of our solutions ground on the so called native implementation of In-Memory Technology. With this approach in the first place it is possible to compute all requests and forecasts on a transactional level in real-time. With our specially developed algorithms we are able to achieve the best possible performance for data intensive evaluations. Our technological platform is based on the product SAP HANA ®. The user control interface is provided by the SAP UI5 ® technology which is based on open source technologies HTML5 and Javascript and can therefore be implemented on all devices. This is why we are able to offer SAP steady customers a seamless integration into the existing SAP landscape. The SAP Fiori Paradigma allows a familiar look-and-feel within the applications.

We do offer our cloud and on-premise solutions not only for SAP customers, but for all other customers as well. It is very important for us that, at any rate, our solutions allow you to considerably reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) for business intelligence and analytics.