We can help you to drastically increase the availability in your company and reach a service level of up to 98%. At the same time, our solutions will reduce your losses due to deterioration and amortization by up to 50%. By that your cost structure can be improved in the short term and the profit increases in the long term.

Due to the cloud-computing approach the effort you have to put into the implementation is very low and almost zero when it comes to the maintenance. This will discharge your internal IT sector and reduce your investment and fixed costs. The result is a fast amortization, particularly enabled by our cost-benefit analysis, which provides a measurable transparence for your investments in our advanced analytics solutions.

Your demand - our solution

Our products are predominantly used for solutions in food retailing. In this respect, our specialization lies in the sales and operations planning of the (ultra) freshness sector including fish, meat, fruit and vegetables in the first place. In addition to retail companies our target group generally consists of chain stores offering fresh produce (e.g. bakeries, petrol stations and fast food restaurants).

Our solutions will help you to deal with planning requirements in order to both increase the availability of (ultra) fresh products and minimize the losses caused by amortization. Hereby we identified the following potential for optimization:

Minimizing the losses of adulterated groceries

Directly related losses at owner’s risk account for ca 20% of the total possible savings. Particularly with regard to a sustainable and resource friendly handling with groceries providers of fresh produce can considerably achieve corporate image benefits for their end customers.

Reducing opportunity costs due to out-of-stock situations

Additional 20% of the possible savings fall upon lost sales, which can directly be measured. The freshness sector of food providers is notable for its synergies. On average, from each Euro in the freshness sector approximately 1,26 Euro is generated in cross-selling. This part adds another 25% to the overall potential savings.

Improving customer satisfaction and loyalty

The largest and most important share of the possible savings is enabled by the prevention of long-term image losses which accounts for ca 35%. Both optimization parameters, the reduction of costs caused by amortization and increase of availability, have direct effects on the customer satisfaction. However, the measurement of these effects is difficult and in need of long-term empirical studies.




As soon as we get in touch we are pleased to promptly arrange a meeting face to face with a live demonstration. Of course, we can also offer you a web based seminar with live demonstrations before our first meeting.



Together we will then define your individual analysis scenario and determine the plan for the proof of concept (PoC) with the favored outcome.



Based on the results of the audited PoC we help you to define your strategic roadmap for future applications. We can provide all necessary information for your company-wide implementation including organizational transformation management, a real-time data extraction, and a complete mobile cloud-based solution.



Hand in hand, we will develop a seamless integration into your existing system landscape and establish a continuous data exchange.