Our goal is to forecast the needs of your end customers as precise as possible by analyzing operative mass data.

Through directed and recommended action based on future prospects you will be able to improve the availability of fresh produce and simultaneously minimize waste caused by deterioration. We strongly focus on user-friendliness and mobility within our applications in order to simply and intuitively provide the right information. The security of your sensitive corporate data is our top priority.

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Alexander Gossmann

Executive officer (EO)

Alexander Gossmann assumes a managerial role at OPAL and is responsible for its strategic development and marketing. In particular, the focus of his work is data processing of transactional mass data in real-time.

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Marc Huber

Financial officer (FO)

Marc Huber is responsible for the domain of finances, staff management, organization as well as the front end development. Especially, he is focused on the securing of economic efficiency and the applicability of our solutions.

OPAL was founded by Alexander Gossmann and Marc Huber in 2013 with the objective of developing analyzes and forecast for fresh groceries in real-time. Since October 2014 the founder have been supported by EXIST, the support program of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy. In November 2014 OPAL could also convince the city of Mannheim of its business concept and win the Founder’s Association Mannheim GmbH over as its first investor. From the beginning OPAL has been member of the SAP Startup Focus Program and since February 2014 partner of the SAP SE.

  • Special Award Winner 2016 of the Innovation Award of the State of Baden-Wüerttemberg (november 2016)

  • MEXI 2016 Mannheim's Founder-Award; category „technology Orientation“ (november 2015)

  • 2nd place in the Elevator Pitch Baden-Württemberg competition (june 2015) 

  • Winner of the SAP HANA Innovation Award - 'Most Social Impact' (may 2015) 

  • Winner of incorporator award – IKT Innovativ (march 2015)

  • Winner of Elevator Pitch Baden-Württemberg - region Mannheim/Heidelberg (december 2014)

  • Finalist at the Development Challenge for SAP HANA and SAP HANA Cloud (november 2014)

We always look for motivated and talented young developers who help us to revolutionize the analyzis of operative data. Thus, if you are interested in practical training or want to develop your thesis within the big data field, do not hesitate to contact us!